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My name is Kiley and our story starts in Hawaii, where I lived and grew up in for 14 years. While there, I learned what it means to be a part of a culture where everyone is your family no matter blood. Everyone older than you is an Auntie or Uncle. We learned that this ohana of ours would be there for us and help us no matter what.


From Hawaii my parents moved my brother and I to Colorado where we spent a few years before I moved to Tennessee and my brother to California. While he was finishing up school, I had gotten married and started a family. Eventually the rest of our family moved to Tennessee too. While in TN, I started working and then managing a dog boarding daycare facility. Logan my brother, also came to join the team in the beginning days and that is a prime example of what O'hana means. Supporting and helping each other out! While my love of animals has always been a part of me, working with them never occurred to me up until then. My brother had also found something he was good at while figuring out life as one does in their twenties. We both saw how special it was to bond with the regulars who came in, to be a part of their everyday lives. Watching the dogs grow up and their personalities come out was such a sense of accomplishment! The best part of the day was seeing how excited dogs were coming in to see us and their friends!


​Over the next couple of years, I started dreaming of having my own place. Something that my own kids could grow up with and be a part of. My own place where I could spoil dogs while they got to have a safe and fun environment to make new bffs.​ So 4 years ago I convinced the whole family into moving to Gulf Shores. We haven't looked back since, and all decided it was the best choice we've made! In August 2022, the dream came true. I had decided that my life and way of growing up on the Island was such a unquie way of living and treating people that just made sense, that the ohana lifestyle was exactly what I wanted Tropical Tails to be. Logan helped us get off the ground before moving on to his own dreams and now It's just Me with occasionally a couple little helpers aka the kiddos and husband. As Tropical Tails grows, we will find the perfect O'hana members to take care of the pups with us! For now our little  O'hana gets to spread the Aloha and we are excited to share it with you and your pups!

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