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Common Inquiries

We know that entrusting your beloved pet to someone else is never easy. Take a look below at our selection of frequently asked questions and answers, and get in touch if we haven’t included the info you need.


What do you supply for overnight boarding?

We supply every dog with water overnight, if your dog has potty troubles or water problems please let the staff know upon booking and/or drop-off. We also supply bedding, we will use your bedding if you would like however we are not liable for any damages to your property. We will not give your dog any toys in their kennel overnight for safety reasons. There are toys in the play yard as long as everyone can share safely.


How can I check on my pet during their stay?

You can call or text anytime we are open to check up on your pup! We do send daily pictures of your pup so you can enjoy your vacation knowing that they are enjoying theirs just as much or maybe more! We also post on our Facebook too. Communication is a top priority for us.


My pet has a special diet. Can their needs be accommodated?

We can accommodate any need your pup has! We have fully trained staff that are experienced with medication, shots and any other special help you can think of! 

Can I bring their medication?

Yes! Staff are trained to give all different types of medications!

What is the Feeding Schedule?

Our boarding dogs are fed 8am - 10am for breakfast and 3pm-4:30pm for dinner.

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